Oct 20, 2014

Documentary of Note: Revenge of the Mekons (2013) - finally showing in NYC!

Although it was first screened a year ago, the crowdfunded Revenge of the Mekons is only now finally getting some proper screenings. I haven't seen it yet but definitely hope to at some point. For upcoming NYC showings, visit Brooklyn Vegan for the scoop, including info on some live music from Jon Langford!

John Holt RIP

John Holt - RIP

Oct 17, 2014

Movie of the Week: The 2000 Year Old Man (1975)

Released not long before I was born, I grew up on 2000 Year Old Man album, and know every phrase, laugh, pause, and joke like the back of my hands. I can't recall ever having seen this 1975 animated version of the main bit before, but here it is. Its not the same audio recording as the album, but its very close. I wonder why they had to change the cave number?

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